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Make your packaging appealing and useful to enhance sales. However, you think design can be too subjective. Jonas Nikhilos leads our technique of testing and iterating package ideas with consumers. Successful packaging that tells your brand’s narrative and boosts sales.

Use creative skincare packaging design to show off your product.

Jonas Nikhilos offers skincare packaging that has the ability to greatly enhance your product’s reputation and quality in the beauty and cosmetics industry.

Creating Packaging
That Has an Artistic Feel

Cosmetics for the skin can’t merely have eye-catching patterns and textures. Beyond simple, at-random tool-and-illustration synchronization, the idea encompasses much more. Jonas Nikhilos, being the leading graphic design firm, is well-versed in all the parameters that rank skincare package design among the most prominent. Thus, if you are in search of innovative skincare packaging design that meets your branding requirements and accomplishes your company objectives with pinpoint accuracy, you have come to the right place. Jonas Nikhilos, we are the best product design company, so please get in touch.

How We help your Brand


Build brand recognition

The first phase of any project is to identify potential roadblocks so that we can plan accordingly.

Together, we can pinpoint the knowns and the unknowns, sparking ideas and solutions that will last.


Communicate Product Benefits

An important function of packaging is to convey product information, including ingredients, usage directions, and more.


Support Sales and Promotions

Promotional and sales efforts can benefit from well-designed packaging, which can draw attention to a sale or unique offer.


Attract Consumer Attention

In order to increase the possibility that a customer may pick up a product and give it some thought for purchase, packaging design plays a significant role.


Facilitate Product Differentiation

An item can stand out from the crowd and attract more customers with a distinctive and attractive package design.


Facilitate Efficient Logistics and Storage

Product logistics and storage are both made easier with well-designed packaging, which in turn helps to save costs and increase supply chain efficiency.

Cosmetic and skincare
product design.

We assist you in identifying the most effective skincare packaging solution that will make your product stand out in the competitive skincare cosmetics product range market. Discover the innovative skincare packaging design that we offer.

Life-time purchase

Packaging design services
by product type.

Develop packaging that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical and easy to remember, and that successfully conveys the value of the product to the end user.


 Dry Fruits

 Medical and Pharmaceuticals


 Frozen Foods


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