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Visual Identity July 22, 2021


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Make a web presence for the leader fin-tech company.

Due to the changes that were occurring within the organization, Maaji needed to renew its identity. More than drastic changes, the team was looking for a visual refinement that would keep the brand’s magic while showing its growth and maturity.
The team

Meet our
professional team.

Project Management

— Maria José Hoyos
Project & Account Team

Art Direction

— Elisa Angel
Portfolio photography Art Director

Creative Design

— Aubrey Ndiweni
Commercial photographer

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After a thorough review of the logo, the design and creative team decided to create a new typography. It was built from a more consistent grid on which we drew the name’s characters with anatomical features that would evoke the brand’s true habitat: “The Sun, the breeze, the beach and the sea”.

For the symbol, it was decided to work with the brand’s most characteristic element: the wavy “M”, which represents the waves. Along with the Sun, it becomes a distinctive element that not only encapsulates the logotype’s essence, but also conveys the brand’s message.

The color palette also underwent significant changes. The neon yellow brings vibration and energy with brighter tones that were part of the brand from the beginning. Lastly, black was used for the first time to neutralize the project and make it timeless.

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