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Branding Logo July 12, 2022


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Creating a strategy to grow your brand presence in the global market.

The name “OPAK” was derived from two sources: Oligopeptide-41, a main active element in the products, and the iconic British Oak, which is a symbol of heavenly wisdom (OP-41).

The team

Meet the
professional team.

Creative Design

— Vince Cheung
Creative Director

Project Management

— Chris Chan

Art Direction

— Kaman Kan
Art direction & creative design

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The group not only came up with the name for OPAK, but also designed the logo, brand, positioning, and packaging.

The logo’s typography was carefully considered, with each letter’s curve being given a different stroke weight to give it a classier, more refined look. This little but significant design element also served as a metaphor for OPAK’s meticulous approach to research and development.

The letter O in OPAK, in particular, had several roles. Because of its resemblance to an oak nut, the letter O was singled out to emphasize the idea that the OPAK brand is the result of the hard work of a professional team as a whole. The round shape of O conveyed not only a sense of focus and unity, but also a tense, alluring portal into the future.

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